OER Resources

Interested faculty can find a significant quantity of openly licensed and/or university licensed materials online that will meet a wide variety of instructional needs at no additional cost to students. The following page is a starting point for an educator's OER journey.

OER LibGuide

UNM's OER Librarian has developed the following linked OER Library Guide with resources for faculty researching Open Educational Materials. This guide includes descriptions of open licenses; resources for adopting, adapting, and creating OERs; lists of repositories (even an OER Metafinder!); and information on evaluating the content and accessibility of OER.  


                        OER image by Markus Büsges, leomaria CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons.        

University-Licensed Resources            

The University of New Mexico Libraries licenses many books, journals, and online research databases that are freely accessible to students and may be incorporated into curriculum. Contact a librarian for help identifying, selecting, and incorporating licensed and open materials into your curriculum. Find contact information for subject specialists on the linked Subject Librarian page.

Open Resources

Open Resources from Other Institutions

Inclusive Access

The UNM Bookstore has negotiated inclusive access agreements with many publishers that allow you to incorporate reduced cost textbooks into your curriculum. More information about the Inclusive Access program is available from the Bookstore.